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Hi there,

Let me share a bit about me . . .

  • Left nursing to focus on helping others to deal with their emotional/psychological pain
  • Earned a BA in Psychology and Social DevelopmentĀ  Studies (U. of Waterloo)
  • Earned a 2 year Masters in Social Work Clinical Concentration (WLU)
  • Lecturer in 5 Universities/ Colleges
  • Coordinator of the Chemical Dependency Counselling Program (Algonquin College)
  • Held many positions including being a Clinician at Wood's Home (for Troubled Youth) as well as Clinical Supervisor and Manager of a Family School Liaison Counselling Service for an entire school board, responsible for its development, resulting in supervising 12 counsellors in 13 school sites (K -12)
  • Been in private practice in Ontario and Alberta

Here's stuff that is even more important to me:

  • Married, mother of three
  • See my clients as people of courage who are willing to be open to change
  • Continuous learner earning certificates in Crisis Intervention; Family Mediation; Brief Solution Focussed Therapy; Acceptance & Commitment Therapy; becoming an ACT/Prosocial Matrix Trainer/ Facilitator and a variety of Whole Plant-based Nutritional Studies (Certified Food for Life Instructor with PCRM.ORG; Starch Solution Graduate with McDougall Health & Medical Center; E-Cornell Plant-based Nutrition and Nutrition of a Healthy Heart Studies; Rouxbe Plant-based Cooking; Heart Studies with the Cleveland Clinic)
  • I "walk the talk" - applying Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) Matrix in my own lifeĀ  - so pain and suffering no longer overwhelms me and instead, I take it with me as I move toward who and what is important to me - it has changed my life for the better
Kate McGoey-Smith

Kate McGoey-Smith

DipNrsg, MSW, RSW, FM, Certified ACT/Prosocial Matrix Trainer and Facilitator

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